Requirements for Registration

The following requirements need to be taken into account when considering registration.

Internet Access

Parents must have internet service and a valid email address that is checked regularly, all official communication will take place via email

Code of Ethics

Students and Parent-teachers must agree to our Code of Ethics, which is acknowledged in our application and enrollment form.


Parents/guardians must have a high school diploma or GED

Dive Deeper?

If you feel this path is for you and you need to dig deeper into the enrollment process, you can download the document below.

Information Guide

This document is an information guide that describes

  • who we are,
  • what we do, and
  • how we can help you through all the steps needed

to start your family’s journey toward achieving an American High School Diploma.

You’ll find details on all the enrollment requirements as well as pricing information inside.

Ready To Go?

When you are ready to bring your family onboard, download the forms below and embark on this exciting new journey with us.


The Complete Guide

Complete informational Guide Book to guide you through the enrollment process.

Education Plan

Individual Education Plan

Detailed planning of the subjects in your curriculum.


Enrollment Form

This is the main enrollment form to be downloaded and filled in.