Frequently Asked Questions

As with sports, we don’t provide activities. We do have a list of preferred providers in various provinces across South Africa, as well as online solutions for international students. The current list of activities includes fine arts, art appreciation, various musical instrument classes, music theory, music appreciation, nature conservation clubs, robotics, drama, and cooking classes. Also include the activities your child takes part in when you complete the Individual Educational Plan (IEP004) with the number of hours per week for each activity. These activities are often practical courses that can earn your student credit when in high school For our students 14 years and older, we provide the opportunity to take part in The President’s Award, a prestigious award to add to their portfolios. Remember to ask us how to sign up!
No, we don’t. However, our students are dedicated and hardworking young sportswomen and men. We have passionate horse riders, provincial and national swimmers, provincial ring ball players, artistic gymnasts, provincial underwater hockey players, aerial acrobats, and world-class dancers that represented South Africa at the Dance World Cup in 2022. Sports are often the reason why some families choose to homeschool. The flexible school schedule allows them to have longer training hours. If you have a child that is not physically active you can ask us during a consultation to provide some solutions for Physical Education. As 1 credit is required for all high school students we would like to support our parents in creating an environment at home where students can become more active and benefit from a healthier lifestyle.
No, as a non-traditional academy we do not provide the typical in-the-box, one-size-fits-all approach. On individual requests from parents, we can however supply curriculum on acceptance of the quote provided. All our Individual Educational Plans include information on the recommended subject choices and curriculum. Additionally, we include all the relevant detail on how to purchase the curriculum. We have a few of our own curriculum products available for purchase. These course materials and programs were developed because of a distinct need in the market. As more South African students embrace the American High School Diploma path, they search for resources that are relatable. Request more information about our courses at the time of consultation.
You homeschool, therefore you set your schedule. If a student is using a curriculum with live classes they need to attend the classes as indicated by the course provider. For that reason, it is important to consider if live attendance is required to successfully complete a course. Diversio Academy Office hours are from 13:00 CAT – 18:00 CAT, and all consultations and appointments are scheduled ahead of time. There are two types of consultations: free information sessions and paid consultations. Free information sessions are available to explain the Diversio Academy experience in more detail. If you need general information about the American High School Diploma and our services, this is the correct booking. To book a meeting or consultation go here.
We don’t prescribe a curriculum; parents are free to choose a curriculum. However, most of our families mainly use American homeschooling curricula. Parents can choose American, British, Australian, or even South African curricula. We recommend that families arrange a consultation with us to discuss curriculum options to suit the individual needs of students while taking into consideration family specifics. If needed, it is possible to align your child’s educational plan with the regulations of the country you reside in. Please discuss this with us at the time of consultation. Our curriculum recommendations are of high academic standard and cover various options from fully online to textbooks. At the time of registration, an educational plan must be completed. If parents cannot complete the Individual Education Plan(IEP004) form and specify the courses/subjects with the curriculum that will be used for each course/subject, an Educational Planning Consultation must be arranged.
We enroll children from pre-school (K or Grade R in South Africa) to Grade 12. We accommodate a diverse set of homeschooling approaches and learning abilities. From gifted to struggling learners, we strive to provide educational support to suit the individual student. High school students previously enrolled in a public or private school, and who received records, must submit all Grade 9-11 records for credit review purposes. Subjects with a grade of 60% and above will be reviewed, and where approved, between 0.25-1.0 credits will be transferred to the American High School Diploma transcript.
As homeschoolers, many families choose not to follow standard school terms and use different schedules. We follow two calendars. South African families who wish to continue with a similar standard SA calendar, choose the Alpha calendar. There is the option of the standard American calendar for international families or South African families who wish to plan according to the same schedules as included in their American curriculum. The SA or Alpha calendar starts in January or February and ends at the end of November. Early enrollment opens the first week of December for the following year and continues up to October 1st. International families can use the American calendar that officially starts on August 1st and ends on May 31st the following year. Early enrollment opens July 1st, and the last date of enrollment for the current school year is May 1st. Both calendars have two semesters and two grade reporting deadlines by which all grades are due for all students. The optional summer semester can also be used over the months of June to August, and grade reporting is due by September 15.
All high school students, including South African students in Gr 9 -12 must complete the recommended 22 minimum credits required to graduate: English – 4 Credits Math – 4 Credits Science – 3 Credits Social Studies – 3 Credits (For US students include at least 1 Credit for US History, 0.5 Economics, and 0.5 Government) Personal Finance – 1/2 Credit Health – 1/2 Credit Physical Education – 1 Credit Electives – 6 Credits Refer to the Diversio Academy Information Guide for more info on credits. Download the Guide here. Also, refer to the Course Options section on the Requirements & Enrollment page to learn more about the vast choice of subjects available.