What is your school calendar?

As homeschoolers, many families choose not to follow standard school terms and use different schedules. We follow two calendars. South African families who wish to continue with a similar standard SA calendar, choose the Alpha calendar. There is the option of the standard American calendar for international families or South African families who wish to plan according to the same schedules as included in their American curriculum.

The SA or Alpha calendar starts in January or February and ends at the end of November. Early enrollment opens the first week of December for the following year and continues up to October 1st.
International families can use the American calendar that officially starts on August 1st and ends on May 31st the following year. Early enrollment opens July 1st, and the last date of enrollment for the current school year is May 1st.

Both calendars have two semesters and two grade reporting deadlines by which all grades are due for all students. The optional summer semester can also be used over the months of June to August, and grade reporting is due by September 15.